TMD (Temporo-mandibular disease)

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Headaches, earaches, or neck aches
  • Sore and tender facial and jaw muscles
  • An inability to open your mouth fully
  • Sore teeth
  • Popping, clicking, or creaking sounds when opening your mouth
  • Difficulty chewing

Sometimes these symptoms are an indication of a serious problem with your temporomandibular joint or your bite.

More commonly, it can be the result of clenching or grinding your teeth when you're sleeping. Chronic grinding wears away the enamel on your teeth causing sensitivity, pain, and bite problems. Long term clenching can lead to teeth breaking and cracking, loosening of teeth, gum recession, and potential abscesses. A mouth guard (splint) can be made to protect your teeth. It is a custom made acrylic appliance that fits on either your top or bottom teeth. The mouth guard stretches your facial muscles, protects your teeth from wear and damage, and distributes the destructive biting forces more evenly.


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