Restorative Dentistry


A filling is used to repair a tooth that has a cavity, defect, or small chip. The affected area is removed and then replaced with a filling.

There are different types of filling materials available: tooth colored composite, silver amalgam, and gold. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Because of its esthetic advantages, where possible, nowadays composite will be used.





Sometimes too much of a tooth is missing and there is not adequate support for yet another filling. A crown (cap) is usually required. A crown is an artificial tooth that covers your remaining tooth and reproduces or improves its original shape, size, or color. Crowns are made out of porcelain, gold, a combination of porcelain and gold, or zirconia. Again, each material has its advantages and disadvantages and will be discussed on an individual basis.

We only use "precious" metals for our crowns because of their superior handling and non-toxicity in your mouth. "Base" or "non-precious" metals, such as nickel and beryllium, are never used. Although non-precious metals are low in cost, 10% or more of the population is allergic to such materials.

One of the most crucial factors affecting the long term outcome and success of the crown is the fit of the crown around your existing tooth. Usually an impression is taken of the remaining tooth and a laboratory technician fabricates the crown. We take the added step of "trimming the die," ie. providing our technician with EXACTLY how the crown should fit on the existing tooth. When the crown is tried into your mouth, we take an x-ray to check the fit in areas where Dr. Yang cannot visibly verify its accuracy. In short, if we're not happy with it, we don't permanently cement the crown.




Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. It usually consists of two supporting crowns, on either end, with one or more artificial teeth in between. The entire bridge is cemented permanently.

Bridges used to be the single, best option to replace missing teeth. With the advent and success of dental implants, there are now two good options to replace teeth. Depending on the situation, one option may be more advantageous.


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