Dental implants

Think of a dental implant as an artificial root made of titanium that is placed in the jawbone. We know, this sounds painful! But the procedure is actually very easy and well tolerated. Once the implant becomes fused with the bone, a crown is placed on top of the implant. It's a great option to replace a missing tooth.

Implant Abutment

Implant Crown

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced with implant supported bridges.

Dentures can be anchored onto implants so that denture wearers feel like they have solid and immovable real teeth again!

What's involved with getting a dental implant?

With the help of x-rays and sometimes impressions, an initial consultation with the surgeon is conducted to determine suitability for the implant. If there is adequate bone, the implant is placed followed by a healing period of several months. Sometimes a bone graft may be necessary prior to the placement of the implant.

Worried about the empty space during the healing period? Almost all patients adapt to a missing space in the back of the mouth. A temporary can also be made. In a visible area, a temporary tooth will be made. Oftentimes, it will be directly attached to the healing implant and patients even forget it's there.

After the healing period, we will take an impression to make the final implant crown. Unlike regular crowns, the implant crown consists of the crown and an abutment.


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