"Dr. Yang is the best!  I used to hate going to the dentist but Dr. Yang and her amazing staff make it a pleasant, relaxing experience.  I cannot recommend her enough!!"
  -- Danielle M. (Yelp) 4/6/2014

"I have been going to Dr. Yang for many years and she is the best dentist I have ever had. She is friendly and explains everything well. The work that I have gotten done has been excellent."
   -- Dean C. (Yelp) 2/27/2014
"I have been going to Dr. Yang since I relocated to LA in 2002.  She boasts a great academic pedigree having attended Stanford University then UCLA Dental School.  Additionally, she was affiliated with UCLA Dental School for many years.  In addition to myself, my wife and two children, I have referred probably 10 or so patients to Dr. Yang over the years.  Not only does Dr. Yang have great dental skills and diagnostic ability, but she (and her staff) provide fantastic customer service.  Here are two experiences I have had over the years.


First, back in 2009, my family and I were in Kauai on vacation over a Memorial Day weekend and my son got hit in the mouth with a surfboard.  One of his front teeth was loose and his mouth was bleeding.  We called 4 dentists in Kauai and not one returned our call due to the Memorial Day holiday.  I then called Dr. Yang and through her office phone, I was able to page her.  In less than 5 minutes, she returned my call and told me what I needed to do regarding my son's tooth.  As a parent I could not have been more relieved.


Second, after I moving to Kauai to live there permanently, I continue to see Dr. Yang as my dentist when I travel back to LA for business.  On one trip I had concerns about my retainer that I use at night to keep my teeth from moving, however, I was already in LA and had not called ahead to make an appointment.  I called my orthodontist to see if I could get an appointment and he didn't have any appointments available.  I called Dr. Yang to see if she could check my retainer.  She told me to come to her office on her day off at 8 am so she could check my retainer.  How many doctors or dentists provide that level of service?  She is the first that I have experienced. 


I travel 2,600 miles to see Dr. Yang because I trust her skills and love her service.  That should tell you all you need to know."

    --Joe G. (Yelp) 3/13/2013


"I have been meaning to write a review for Dr. Yang for quite some time. I rarely yelp, but the consistent high level of quality that I have received from Dr. Yang and her staff for over 20 years deserves a review.


I have been going to Dr. Yang since before all my original teeth fell out. I have since moved from Los Angeles, but still come back to LA twice a year for check ups with Dr. Yang (I tell my mom it's to see her). In all seriousness, Dr. Yang makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience. She's very good at what she does, and is a genuinely kind person as well. Her staff is equally as considerate and makes me feel like I'm their only patient. Especially Malou!


I usually go for cleanings, fillings, and have ordered a mouth guard through her as well. I've never had to wait, and am always out before I can feel like I've been at the dentist too long. Going to Dr. Yang is what going to the dentist should be like.  Can't wait to come back this Summer!"  

     --Ben S. (Yelp) 2/19/2013

  "She is very thorough and explains things so I can understand it. She has a really nice office and a great receptionist too."
    --Phylis K.  (Angie's List) 7/27/2012

 "This is a top quality dentist. Knowledgeable, kind, explains things and treats you with respect. Staff is nice and knowledgeable. The environment is nice, friendly and relaxing. Amazing dentist, you will be happy you switch to her!!!"

    --Mary Jo S. (Angie's List) 8/20/2009


"Dr. Yang is very knowledgeable and very personable. Our whole family goes to her, and I have had a very good experience with her. She has an assistant, but she does all the work in there. She is always available for emergencies and readily attends to visitors coming from out of town. Her chair side manner is good, and she has a calming influence on me. The office was changed over the years, and I think the latest is definitely another improvement. It is small, clean, and efficiently run. I feel comfortable going in there."

    --Kevin P. (Angie's List) 11/20/2008

"Honest caring dentist - beautiful office with great staff. I have been seeing Dr. Yang since 2003 and absolutely love her - I drive to Santa Monica from Silverlake in TRAFFIC to see her - this is a testament to how great she is.... My husband has had a few bad experiences with American dentists, but took to Dr. Yang right away. At one time she was teaching at the USC Dental School (I think in 2003/2003) and I am not sure if she is still doing that or not. It is so hard to find a good doctor, vet, dentist, mechanic in Los Angeles - so trust me when I say you no longer have to hunt for a dentist - Dr. Yang is the best!"
    --KPIP (City Search) 8/7/2008

"Best Human Being/DDS. I have been seeing Dr Yang for several years now and I am not only a dental chicken but believe I have dental PTSD. This is the only among many dentists throughout the years who has alway made sure that I was OK and was willing to stop work when my PTSD came up. And calm me down. I LOVE THIS HUMAN BEING, I LOVE THIS DENTIST."

    --PIZMO (City Search) 7/14/2009

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